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Emmanuel Kelly Made It to the Next Round – X-Factor Australia 2011

Emmanuel Kelly X Factor Australia TOP 12

Emmanuel Kelly’s story has touched so many Australians and tens of thousands of viewers around the world with his X-factor Australia 2011 Audition performance. If you did not see that video, view it here X-Factor Australia Emmanuel Kelly – Imagine. In last night’s episode of the X-Factor show at Channel 7, Emmanuel Kelly sang “Home” by Michael Buble.

Mother of Four Marina Davis Singing Beyonce’s “Listen” The X Factor Australia 2011 Audition

Marina Davis X Factor Australia 2011

Marina Davis, 31 years old of Marsden, Brisbane. A full-time mom raised in New Zealand. She was a member of a band until she decided to put off her singing career to look after her kids. With the X-factor Australia 2011, she is chasing her dream. Watch her performance in last night’s X-Factor show at Channel 7. Yes, she has four children and one husband. She performed Beyonce‘s “Listen.”

Tony Tuhoro The X Factor 2011 Auditions Australia

Tony Tuhoro X Factor Australia

Meet Tony Tuhoro. His aim is to have a second chance in life. He is 45 and been living on street, a homeless man, and does basking on the streets for a living since 2007. He is giving a go to the X-factor Australia 2011 at Channel 7. Listen to his voice.

The Hilarious Budi Bone of X Factor Australia 2011!

X Factor Australia Budi Bone

39 Years old Professional Singer Budi Bone front up with a hilarious performance at the X-factor Australia 2011 in last night’s Channel 7 show. He was a performer from Bali doing a Shaggy song “Angel”!