Funky Zombie DanceThrill The World Sydney, Australia

Have you heard about this so called Thrill the World event? Well, Wikipedia explains it “as an annual international dance event and world record breaking attempt, in which participants simultaneously emulate the zombie dance seen in the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, and the title of the event is an allusion to another of Jackson’s songs, Heal the World. The dancers perform in unison at locations throughout the world, and can range from pre-teens to the elderly. The idea came to fruition after a group of 62 zombies set a Guinness World Records for Largest Thriller Dance in one location, at a community hall in Canada.”

Australian Refugees Remain Unemployed Featured at Channel 7 Today Tonight Show

Channel 7 Today Tonight Show investigated the current status of Australia’s Refugee Program. It’s not a good news. The anchor stated that the Department of Immigration report shows that the current government policy is effectively importing unemployment. Refugees and other migrants are not getting jobs. They are on welfare for at least 5 years or longer. A very disturbing statistics.

It also mentioned that one of the major hindrances is the inability to speak the English language. It seems that integration is one of the biggest issues at hand.

Andrew Wishart Sings Adele’s Someone Like You – X Factor Australia 2011 Grand Finals

And the Grand Finals of the X- Factor Australia 2011 has finally arrived! The Three Grand Finalists Andrew Wishart, Johnny Ruffo, and Reece Mastin will sing their audition songs again, their best song of the series so far, winner’s single and a duet with one of superstar performers.

First up is 40 years old Aussie bloke Andrew Wishart singing his audition song, Someone Like You by Adele. This song kicked-off Andrew Wishart’s popularity that kept him up to this point of the show.It’s so nice to watch the video featuring Andrew’s family and the people who are supporting him. If all Melbournians will vote for Andrew, they will bring home the X Factor 2011 Trophy.

Channel 7 Today Tonight Features Cheaper Way To Shop at Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers are fighting back against the dominant supermarket chains! They into a massive drive to get Australians buy local produce but cutting the middle man so they can deal direct to the public. Products includes meat, vegetables, fruits and milk. They are now running their own stores.

Channel 7’s Today Tonight show investigated how we can make massive savings on better quality produce by avoiding the supermarkets and getting your produce direct from the farmers.

US President Barack Obama Speech at the Australian Parliament in Canberra

US President Barack Obama today, November 17, 2011, addressed the Australian Parliament in Canberra. It’s one of the highlights of his second day of his first official visit to Australia.

President Barack Obama mentioned at the opening of his speech about the special relationship between the United Stated and Australia. “The bonds between us run deep …” he said. His speech was mainly on the United States’s increased focus on Asia and the implications this would have on its relationship with China.

Watch this video uploaded by ten news at Youtube.

Christmas Toy Sale at Deals Direct Australia’s Biggest Online Store

An alternative way to shop conveniently is online shopping. is one of Australia’s biggest online store. They offer daily deals at incredibly low prices and sometimes they offer free shipping. It’s basically a discount department store. If you love a bargain, you’ll love! They offer a huge range of 7,500 big brand names and quality products at heavily discounted prices in 24 categories – everything from toys, manchester, wine, electrical appliances, homewares, home furniture, outdoors, sports and fitness, apparel, floor rugs and more.

A Sign of Relief for Qantas Customers. Fair Work Australia Ordered Qantas to Resume Flights

A sign of relief to thousands of QANTAS customers after Fair Work Australia, an independent industrial disputes tribunal, has ordered a permanent end to the industrial dispute that has grounded all Qantas flights. It ordered both QANTAS management and the three unions to immediately resume flights and return to the negotiating table in an effort to resolve a prolonged and bitter industrial dispute. The parties now have 21 days to reach an agreement or face binding arbitration. Fair Work Australia issued this ruling after hearing evidences from the airline, unions, and government at an emergency session in Melbourne.

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