Australian Refugees Remain Unemployed Featured at Channel 7 Today Tonight Show

Channel 7 Today Tonight Show investigated the current status of Australia’s Refugee Program. It’s not a good news. The anchor stated “that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship report shows that the current government policy is effectively importing unemployment. Refugees and other migrants are not getting jobs. They are on welfare for at least 5 years or longer.”  A very disturbing statistics.

It also mentioned that one of the major hindrances is the inability to speak the English language. It seems that integration is one of the biggest issues at hand. What do you think? Feel free to post your comments below.

Australian Refugees remain unemployed study

2010–11 offshore visa grants by top ten countries of birth
Countries Number of visas granted
Iraq 2151
Burma 1443
Afghanistan 1027
Bhutan 1001
Congo (DRC) 565
Ethiopia 381
Sri Lanka 289
Iran 271
Sudan 243
Somalia 190


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