Funky Zombie DanceThrill The World Sydney, Australia

Have you heard about this so called Thrill the World event?  Well, Wikipedia explains it “as an annual international dance event and world record breaking attempt, in which participants simultaneously emulate the zombie dance seen in the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, and the title of the event is an allusion to another of Jackson’s songs, Heal the World. The dancers perform in unison at locations throughout the world, and can range from pre-teens to the elderly. The idea came to fruition after a group of 62 zombies set a Guinness World Records for Largest Thriller Dance in one location, at a community hall in Canada.

This Funky Zombie Dance didn’t spare Sydney enthusiasts. They gathered in front of Sydney’s famous Luna Park and displayed their moves. Here’s a video uploaded by     in Youtube.

Funky Zombie Dance Thrill The World Sydney

Thrill The World 2011 Sydney  Australia

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