Sydney Photos

Photos taken in favourite tourist attractions and places in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Trains on Display (5 photos)

Sydney Affairs took these photos at the Sydney Central Station. These are model trains giving us a glimps of history about CityRail Network. Central Station is the heart of the CityRail network. It is one of Sydney’s most recognizable landmarks and a popular meeting point for Sydney travelers.   The Central Station is one of […]

Sydney Harbour Sunset Photos

  A Beautiful Sunset at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have taken this photo on board a Manly Ferry Sailing just before sunset. Fantastic View The Famous Sydney Harbour Bridge

There’s Always Something Happening in Bankstown!

This sign caught my attention on my way out of the Bankstown Centro Mall. “There’s Always Something Happening in Bankstown!” A great campaign ad by the Bankstown City Council. Yes, it was wet, rainy, and caught in a little traffic was the actual situation when I snap this photo on my car’s front screen! But […]

Sydney's Blue Mountains Photos, Part I

Blue Mountains is one of Australia’s premier destinations. There is so much to see and a day is not enough to explore many of its tourist attractions. My family and I drove this time ┬áto the Blue Mountains’s Scenic World. It’s about one and a half drive from where we live but it’s about two […]

Free Shower

A Giant fountain across ANZ Stadium located at  Sydney Olympic Park. It is a great picnic site for families or groups with young children. A children’s playground and an open soccer park are within its vicinity.

Sydney's Blue Mountains

November 2007 when I first set foot here in Sydney, Australia. We were attending the wedding of my wife’s nephew. We had a quick tour to some of Sydney’s landmarks including the famous Three Sisters at Blue Mountains (photo above taken November 2007).     Why was it called Three Sisters? The Aboriginal dream-time legend has […]

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