Kookaburras Entertain Us at Pacific Palms Resort, Elizabeth Beach, NSW

We had a family road trip to Elizabeth Beach, NSW which is situated at Pacific Palms, approximately 20 km south of Forster. It’s about 3 and a half hours drive to the NSW North Coast. More or less 285 kilometers from our home in Inner West, Sydney. We stayed in a quiet and fabulous accommodation called Pacific Palm Resort. Much to our surprise, we scored beautiful views, relaxing environment, and friendly neighbours, I mean the real residents of Elizabeth Beach, the Kookaburras.
Kookaburras Elizabeth Beach Forster
Friendly Kookaburras welcomed us. All along we thought that they are quite wild but they just sit and wait for food at the back porch of our rented villa.

Kookaburras Elizabeth Beach Palm Resort
Friendly Kookaburras sitting at our Villa’s back porch, Elizabeth Beach Palm Resort

Discover the Pristine Beauty of Elizabeth Beach NSW

You will fall in love with Elizabeth Beach. It’s definitely a quiet beach and a family friendly beach. Locals calls it ‘lizzy’ and it is the only beach in the pacific palms which is patrolled in summer. We had fun walking on the shoreline and playing on the sand.

Elizabeth Beach NSW
The Pristine beauty of Elizabeth Beach, NSW

Collecting Shells at Elizabeth Beach?

Elizabeth Beach NSW Photos
A beautiful shell lying on the shore of Elizabeth Beach.

Where is Elizabeth Beach, NSW?

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