Jason Owen – The X Factor Australia 2012 Auditions

Jason Owen X Factor Australia 2012 Auditions

Jason Owens The X Factor Australia 2012The X Factor Australia 2012 finally kicked off last night at channel 7. Watching the X Factor Show trailers a few days back, there were standouts and promising singers for this year’s edition. It’s gonna be exciting!

One of them is Jason Owen. Introduced as “the boy from the bush,” Jason Owen, eighteen years of age, is from a country town of 12 people called Albert. He is a truck driver. He loves to sing and mentioned that he had been doing it since he was 5 years old.  Heading to the big city for the X Factor Australia 2012, Jason Owen is a step closer to becoming Australia’s X Factor Champion. Watch how he nailed a classic John Denver song, “Annie’s Song.”

Guy Sebastian asked: “You think you’ve got what it takes?” Jason simply said “Mate, I’ll give it my best shot!”

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