Marlisa Punzalan Sings Dami Im’s Super Love X Factor Australia Week 8 Top 6

Marlisa takes on a big song for the X Factor Australia  Aussie Week theme. She is singing the hit song of last year’s X Factor Australia winner, Dami Im called Super Love. This song reached number 11 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. A big fan of Dami Im, Marlisa absolutely nailed this big song and she sang it so beautifully.

Positive comments from the judges. Nat said: “What a fantastic performance. When you hit the high notes, it’s breathtaking!” Dannii said: “You rocked it! You’re 14 and you’re so great!” Redfoo said: “I’m still amazed that a 14 year old can sing just like that.” Her coach Ronan said “You absolutely nailed it and I love working with you!”

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Marlisa Punzalan Sings Super Love X Factor Australia

Marlisa Punzalan X Factor Australia Live Shows Week 8 Top 6 | Super Love
Credits: Y!7 TV, Channel 7, The X Factor Australia, J1MZO7 Youtube Channel
Marlisa Punzalan Sings Super Love X Factor Australia
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