Ordinary Days at Sydney’s Belmore Park

In one ordinary day on my way to Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD), I happened to pass by on a park called Belmore Park in the Haymarket Area. It’s actually a few minutes walk from Sydney’s Central Train Station accross Eddy Avenue. If you are a  Sydneysider, places like this seems so ordinary but reading the history of this park in City of Sydney website, it was mentioned that in “early years in the nineteenth, century this area was part of crown land containing the Police Barracks and residence, Devonshire Street Cemetery, Female Refuge of the Good Samaritan, Benevolent Asylum and a common. Belmore Park was known as the Police Paddock, as it was located adjacent to the Police Barracks. The area has long been associated with markets. In the late 1860s Belmore Produce Markets and Paddys Markets were built in the area opposite the current Belmore Park.”
Belmore Park Sydney park walkway
The Main Walkway. A Favorite Lunch Place of the CBD Working People

Belmore Park Sydney park birds1
Belmore Park is a hangout of hundreds of birds

Belmore Park Sydney Birds
Fly Freely with the Belmore Park Scavengers!

Belmore Park Sydney park bench
The Empty Bench with lovers on the background

Belmore Park Sydney park vendor
My Favorite Photo. The Creative Entrepreneur!

Where Exactly in Sydney you can find Belmore Park?

My favorite Google friend (not really) taught me how to show a particular place online. I use Google maps to find a particular place of interest here in Sydney, Australia.

Belmore Park Sydney

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