Elly Oh The Voice Australia 2014 Let It Go (Showdowns)

Elly Oh  performed the popular song by Demi Lovato’s  “Let it Go” last night at The Voice Australia 2014 Showdowns. She is with Team Ricky and she is up against Sabrina Batshon and Josh McDonald. Elly is originally from South Korea and loves to sing Opera. She is a music teacher teaching students in her […]

ZK sing Say Something The Voice Australia 2014 Showdowns

The Talented Adelaide Duo, ZK, R’n’B soul team Kristal West and Zaachariah Fielding, performed “Say Something” by A Great Big World on The Voice Australia Showdowns. It was an awesome performance literally stole the show with this tearkerker song that earned them a ticket to the next round. The Voice Australia Showdowns has one more […]

Sabrina Batshon sings Queen Of The Night The Voice Australia 2014

Sabrina Batshon sings Queen of the Night The Voice Australia 2014 – The exciting Showdowns at The Voice Australia 2014 continues. Sabrina did another powerful performance singing Whitney Houston’s Queen of the Night. She is with Team Ricky and she up against early favorite singer Ely Oh.  Sabrina hails from Sydney, and a former contestant […]

Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney 2014 Raw Video

Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney 2014 Vivid Sydney 2014 at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas! Features many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations, a cutting-edge contemporary music program and the […]

Frank Lakoudis Keep the Faith The Voice Australia 2014 Showdown

Frank Lakoudis Keep The Faith! His performance of a very popular song by Bon Jovi gave Frank an standing ovation in The Voice Australia 2014 Showdown. Frank Lakoudis is the Lead singer of heavy metal band ‘Rattlesnake’. He is from Sydney and off stage, he is a talented 3D animator completing a degree in web […]

Tasha Amoroso Battles ZK The Voice Australia 2014

Adelaide’s R’n’B soul team Kristal West and Zaachariah Fielding, known as ZK battles it out to next round against 25-year-old singer-songwriter,Tasha Amoroso. These artists are under Team Will. ZK met four years ago but only recently melded their talents to form the duo ZK. Tasha had written over 100 songs and was a winner of  […]

Hayley Jensen Battles Kat Jade The Voice Australia 2014

This is one of the battles that you must see! They are taking on Katy Perry’s smash hit ‘Roar.’ You can sing along but surely Hayley Jensen and Kat Jade killed it! These two artists are on Team Kylie. 31 Year old Hayley Jensen is well-known on Australian stage placing fourth on Australian Idol in […]

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