Will PM Julia Gillard's Atheist Stand Affect Voters In This Years Australia's Federal Election?

“I grew up in the Christian church, a Christian background. I won prizes for catechism, for being able to remember Bible verses. I am steeped in that tradition, but I’ve made decisions in my adult life about my own views. “I’m worried about the national interest. About doing the right thing by Australians. And I’ll allow people to form their own views about whatever is going to drive their views. “What I can say to Australians broadly of course is I believe you can be a person of strong principle and values from a variety of perspectives.” 
Julia Gillard


“I am not going to pretend a faith I don’t feel”
Julia Gillard
This year’s Federal Election will reveal how Australians react on Julia Gillard straight answer about her faith — an atheist. (Sorry, is there an atheist faith?) I’ve been watching Julia in a lot of press conferences and she openly declare that she believes in “climate change” but she doesn’t believe in God.
She mentioned that she grew up in Christian Church (Baptist) and that only proves that a person will not be known as a christian by merely going to church, reading the Bible, or fulfilling religious obligations. It’s like going to McDonald’s which does not qualify one to be a McDonalds burger fanatic. Worst, if you just rely on your feelings.
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