X Factor Australia Results Top 6

X Factor Australia Results Top 6 :

Who are safe after last night’s performance at The X Factor Australia 2014?

The result of tonight’s votes at X Factor shows how crucial is a vote to a favorite contestant in the competition. There is no one who can be considered safe all the time. Each contestant has to give his/her 100% and ace every performance to get the votes Australia fans. Tonight, one of the early favorites or frontrunners is at the bottom 2 and will be singing in the Live Decider in order  to stay in the competition. So here’s your Top 6 X Factor results! Watch this video to find out who are safe and who are at the bottom two for the live decider sing-off:

X Factor Australia Results Top 7
Credits: Y!7 TV, Channel 7, The X Factor Australia, J1MZO7 Youtube Channel

Top 6 Results X Factor Australia:

X Factor Australia Results  Top 6
Coach Ronan appeared to be the happiest guy at the X Factor Australia with his 2 girls, Caitlyn and Marlisa, were first to be called “safe” and made it through to Top 5!

1. Caitlyn Shabolt

2. Marlisa Punzalan

3. Dean Ray

4. Brothers 3

Bottom 2: Reigan Derry and Jason Heerah

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