JUSTICE CREW Amazing Dance Moves @ Australia's Got Talent 2010 Grand Finals!

Dance Group Justice Crew

I was watching the Grand Finals of the Australia’s Got Talent 2010 Edition last night at Channel Seven and saw this group of eight youngsters named “Justice Crew.” I’m not to sure how they got their name but probably because they are doing “justice” to the commmunity offering free dance lessons to the young kids of Australia. They are like-minded young guys with great moves and so inspiring to see their teamwork blended perfectly to deliver an awesome routine. They said it, in a Channel 7 clip that “they are like family, brothers looking for each other.”

Their performance last night was simply spectacular, energetic, difficult and has captivated the entire audience the whole time. The Three Judges, Australia’s favourite ex-pat Irishman Brian McFadden, Aussie’s one of the most popular broadcasters Kyle Sandilands,  and Australia’s Got Talent alumni Dannii Minogue were on standing ovation giving high accolates and generous comments to the Justice Crew dance group.

I grabbed this video on Youtube and you can watch the Justice Crew perform on HD:

Will Justice Crew win the AU$250,000.00 grand prize of the Australia’s Got Talent 2010 Edition? Well, it’s up to Australian votes. Surely, they will have massive votes from teenagers, young kids, and dance enthusiasts.
In the past, a similar competition Britain’s Got Talent 2009 had a dance group named “Diversity” won that competition beating Superstar Susan Boyle. Photo Credit: Yahoo7tv



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