Andrew Wishart delivered a John Farnham Classic Burn For You Top 4 Live Show 9 X Factor Australia 2011

It’s Semi-Finals time at the X- Factor Australia 2011. The remaining top 4 contestants were giving out their best shots to make it to the Finals. This week’s X Factor Australia theme was Pleasure and Pain. Each of the remaining semi-finalists had performed two songs each, one uplifting and one emotional.

40 years old Aussie bloke Andrew Wishart delivered a John Farnham classic Burn For You in his second song. Call it emotional, high connectivity, and excellent singing! Andrew Wishart after singing this song, can probably win the X Factor competition with such a great voice and amazing rendition. So get behind this man Australia!

The four judges Guy Sebastian, Mel B, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Guy Sebastian gave Andrew Wishart all positive comments for this performance.

Andrew Wishart Delivered with a Titanium Performance X Factor Australia 2011

Did this week’s theme Ultimate Dance Party! gave 40 years old Aussie bloke Andrew Wishart a hard time preparing for the live show 7 of the X- Factor Australia 2011? It must be a freaking experience for Andrew Wishart! Probably he was the main focus of attention given that he’s not the type of artist who does “sing and dance.” Pressure was also upon him after delivering excellent performances including a standing ovation for the past two weeks.

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