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Declan Sykes:Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana – Songs of the 90s Week X Factor Australia 2011

Declan Sykes Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

T’was a big 90s song that was chosen by Declan Sykes for this week fourth live show of the X-Factor Australia 2011. He picked the famous rock song ” Smells Like Teen Spirit“ by Nirvana. Will it suit Declan’s unique style and vocal ability?

Christina Parie: Impressive Performance of Zombie by the Cranberries X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 4

Christina Parie Zombie on piano X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 4

Dubbed as the X-Factor “Rock Chick,” Christina Parie is definitely delivered the strongest performance in the 4th Live Show of X- Factor Australia 2011. It was an amazing performance with all the four judges Guy Sebastian, Mel B, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Ronan Keating stand to their feet. It’s the first time in the show for a standing ovation and with the audience so ecstatic.

Mitchell Sang His Heart Out With Everybody Hurts by R.E.M 90s Songs Week Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2011

Mitchell Callaway Everybody Hurts REM X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 4

Country Boy Mitchell Callaway had survived last week’s huge controversy. It’s a though call to perform confidently in front of millions of Australian viewers and so Mitchell was basically singing for his life at the 4th Live Show of the X- Factor Australia 2011 to stay in the competition. For this week, Song of the 90s, he picked a song that can exactly connect with his present situation. It’s called Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. . Mitchell injected his country voice to this song.

Audio Vixen Rocked with Good Times by Jimmy Barnes and INXS Live Show 3 X Factor Australia 2011

Audio Vixen Good Times Live Show 3 X Factor Australia 2011

Audio Vixen pulled-off another great performance last night singing Good Times by Jimmy Barnes and INXS at the The X Factor Australia 2011. Siblings Maria, 28, Christina, 25, and Ross, 19, really blend their voices magically and it was such a polished performance. They are not a rock band, but based on their performance, it is likely that they will be safe for the next X Factor Australia live performance next week.

Three Wishez Performed Numb/Encore (Linkin Park/Jay-Z) Live Show 3 X Factor Australia 2011

Three Wishez Numb X Factor Australia 2011 Live Shows

Three Wishez did a Linkin Park and Jay-Z song in last night’s Rock Week at the X- Factor Australia 2011. The title of the song is Numb. Joseph Gatehau, Sophia, and Fred-Day had made adjustments in their performance responding to criticism from the judges that they are not still performing as group and it’s all about Sophia with Joseph and Fred-Day as back-ups singers.

Mitchell Callaway: Run to Paradise by Choir Boys Live Show 3 X Factor Australia 2011

Mitchell Calloway Run to Paradise X Factor Australia 2011

How will Country Boy Mitchell Callaway cope in this week’s Rock theme? Can he pull off a great rock performance?

Mitchell Callaway chose to sing Run To Paradise by Choir Boys. Backed-up by a live band at The X- Factor Australia 2011 live stage, he showed Australia what he can do. But the comments of Guy Sebastian and Mel B were seemed to be anti-climax. Find out what they have said in front of millions of Australian viewers. Do you think it’s appropriate?

Andrew Wishart Rocked With Cheap Trick’s The Flame Live Show 3 X Factor Australia 2011

ANDREW WISHART The Flame live X Factor Australia 2011

Andrew Wishart forte is obviously not the rock genre but wait until you see his Rock Week performance at the X- Factor Australia 2011. This 40 years old bloke, who is a sales manager by profession, sang Cheap Trick’s The Flame. This song is about vocal capability and connectedness. Did Andrew did enough? Watch how he did it on the video below.

Guy Sebastian Top 6 Under 25 Boys Performances X Factor Australia 2011 with Beyonce as Guest Judge

top 6 Under 25 Boys X Factor Australia 2011

What a privilege for these Top 6 Under 25 X Factor Australia contestants to perform and get their videos reviewed by superstar Beyonce! Guy Sebastian, a winner of similar show Australian Idol, knows how this competition run and he did a great job mentoring the Top 6 Under 25 contestants namely: 15 Year Old and youngest contestant Declan Sykes, Rock and Roll Legend Reece Mastin, Builder Johnny Ruffo, Mali Talefenua, Rob Baron, and Trent Bell. These six boys are really talented and it is gonna be a tough for Guy Sebastian to pick his top 3. Who will make it to X-Factor Australia 2011 Live Shows to start next week? Watch Beyonce and the top 6 under 25 performances on this video.

Youngest X Factor Australia 2011 Declan Sykes

Declan Sykes X Factor Australia

Will this youngest X-Factor Contestant win this year’s X-factor Australia? He is Declan Sykes. 15 years of age. He is from Melbourne, Australia. He think he is different and spend most of his time on his computer. He really wanted to win the X-Factor!