Watch Results Announcement Marlisa wins X Factor Australia 2014

The long wait is over! With only 0.01 percent votes difference, Australia has chosen Marlisa as the winner of X Factor Australia 2014! Congratulations Marlisa Punzalan!!! A well deserved win for the youngest finalist of the X Factor Australia 2014. Relive the moment. Watch Marlisa and Ronan, Dean and Nat, tensed and nervously waiting for […]

Top 13 Reunited and Performs at The X Factor Grand Finals 2014

The Top 13 Contestants of the 2014 edition of X Factor Australia take center stage to open the final night of the show. It’s great to see them perform together with a superb production number. Ronan’s 3 girls: Marlisa Ann Punzalan, Sydnee Carter, Caitlyn Shadbolt; Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s Top 3 Under 25 Boys: Adrien Nookadu, Tee, […]

Dean Ray Sings The Power of Love X Factor Australia Top 4 Semi-Finals

Dean Ray was at the bottom two last week for the first time. The judges were giving him standing ovations in most of his performances so far but Australian TV viewers say otherwise. For his first song for the Passion and Power Week, he performed “The Power of Love,” a song originally recorded and released by […]

Brothers 3 Sings Justice Crew’s Que Sera X Factor Australia Top 6

Brothers 3 takes on “Que Sera,” a song by Australian dance-pop group Justice Crew. This is their second song of the night at The X Factor Australia’s Killer Tracks and Curve Balls Theme. The judges comments were all positive this time. Redfoo said: “two words to start my comment: yeah baby! That is what I […]

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