Third Decider Showdown and Top 10 Results X Factor Australia 2011

Australian XFactor affectionados voted for the third time and the results were out on the third elimination show last night at Channel 7‘s Xfactor Australia 2011. The acts voted by Australian audience to stay in the competition were:  Andrew WishartReece Mastin, Declan Sykes, Johnny Ruffo, Christina Parie, Three Wishez, Audio Vixen, and Mitchell Callaway.

Ronan’s Boys Team Young Mens Society  and Mel B’s Jacqui Newland were the bottom two this week. It’s really a surprise to see YMS  at the bottom two but that happens when their fans expect too much and don’t vote for their acts. It’s three-in-a-row at the bottom two for Jacqui. Despite that, she showed strength and confidence and put up another brave fight. YMS sang “Change The World” and Jacqui picked “I’m Just A Girl” for the Decider showdown.

Ronan Keating, Guy Sebastian, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, voted and sent home Jacqui Newland. Mel B voted for Jacqui to stay in the competition.

Watch Young Men Society  and Jacqui Newland Decider Showdown and Judges Comments

Jacqui Vs Young Mens Society  Showdown X factor Australia 2011 Live Decider

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