Free Waterfall Swing at Darling Harbour, Sydney Festival 2015

Waterfall Swing at Darling Harbour

Discover this new exciting Summer fun at Sydney’s beautiful waterfront park, Darling Harbour!  Head out to Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, Sydney and try out the newly installed Waterfall Swings. Kids would surely love it as well as adults. Waterfall Swing is the ingenious high-tech creation of a team of artists, designers and engineers from New York, and as part of the on-going Sydney Festival.

This perfect summertime playset (or intelligent swing) creates a cascading curtain of water that miraculously opens just in time to allow the rider to pass through.

Revisit your own childhood glee of flying through space with the added thrill of narrowly missing getting drenched on this giant swing-set.

Video: Waterfall Swing at Darling Harbour

What: Waterfall Swing
Location: Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour,Sydney
Tickets: Free
Duration: 8–24 January
Time: 9am–9pm, daily

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