X Factor Australia Results Week 2 Top 12: Who was sent home?

X Factor Australia Results Week 2 Top 12: Who is the second contestant to go home at The X Factor Australia 2014?

X Factor Australia Results Week 2 Top 12 Who was sent home

The 12 remaining contestants nervously waiting for their names to called if they will be safe for the next week live shows.  Social media has been predicting names that were safe and the results confirmed it.  Watch this video to find out who are your top 11 X Factor artists who will be back next week.

Bottom 2 Sing Off Week 2 Live Decider

Judges Decisions Bottom 2 X Factor Australia Week 2 Decider

X Factor Australia Results Week 2 Top 12
Credits: Y!7 TV, Channel 7, The X Factor Australia, J1MZO7 Youtube Channel

Remaining Top 11 Who Will Be Back Next Week:

Ronan Keating’s Top 3 Under 25 Girls

Marlisa Ann Punzalan
Sydnee Carter
Caitlyn Shadbolt

Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s Top 3 Under 25 Boys

Adrien Nookadu
Dean Ray

Dannii Minogue’s Top 3 Group

XoX (Girl Group)
Brothers 3

Redfoo’s Top 3 Over 25s

Jason Heerah
Reigan Derry
Rochelle Pitt

So, Younger than Yesterday (Boys Group) joined Trill  who was sent home last week at the X Factor Australia 2014. Daniie has two acts left.

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