Caitlyn Shadbolt Sings Paramore’s Still Into You X Factor Australia Week 7 Top 7

Last week was a close call for Country Star Caitlyn Shadbolt after she landed on bottom 2.  She needs to step up this week to avoid this similar situation. For this week’s theme, ‘Judges’ Challenge’, where contestants are challenged to sing songs picked by judges who aren’t their mentors, Nat picked the song “Still Into You” is a song by the American rock band Paramore.

Commenting on her performance, Nat said: “you can actually sing any genre… that just like country music.” Dannii was unimpressed with the performance. Redfoo said “you took this challenge and I love your commitment. You gonna make it big time.” Ronan said: “you are absolutely a country star.”

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Caitlyn Shadbolt Sings Still Into You X Factor Australia

Caitlyn Shadbolt X Factor Australia Live Shows Week 56Top 8 | Closer to the Edge
Credits: Y!7 TV, Channel 7, The X Factor Australia, J1MZO7 Youtube Channel

Caitlyn Shadbolt Sings Still Into You X Factor Australia

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