Christina Parie Version of Since You’ve Been Gone X factor Australia 2011 Live Show 1

Christina Parie is the standout star of Mel B. Before X Factor she said she is an ordinary student who loves to sing, not the dentist, not the lawyer. She is a fifteen year old and the youngest of the female contestants of the XFactor Australia.

Watch Christina how she nailed a Kelly Clarkson‘s song Since You’ve Been Gone at the The XFactor Australia 2011 first live show.

Christina Parie X factor Australia 2011Ronan Keating said that Christinais the reason why they drop the age limit to 14. It was a brilliant performance.

Natalie would love to pay for a concert ticket with that performance.

Guy Sebastian said he nailed a big song by Kellie Clarkson. It was unbelievable!

Mel B said it was PERFECT!


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