Sydney Trains on Display (5 photos)

Sydney Affairs took these photos at the Sydney Central Station. These are model trains giving us a glimps of history about CityRail Network. Central Station is the heart of the CityRail network. It is one of Sydney’s most recognizable landmarks and a popular meeting point for Sydney travelers.


The Central Station is one of the largest railway stations in Australia. It is a key interchange point between buses, coaches and trams. Trains and buses arrive and depart from Central. It was opened inĀ  4 August 1906. You can visit the City Rail website here for more information on bookings, timetables, and service updates.
Sydney Central Station
A wooden train with the manual time schedule. Most Stations in Sydney have computerized Train Schedule. However, I saw some Train station with the manual train scheduler in Stations like Auburn, Clyde, Berala.
Imagine yourself sitting on this wooden train heading to Newcastle?
A “Sleeping” Train. This Train has built-in beds, lounges, couches, and a little cafeteria. This must been the early inter-state train that takes long hours traveling from one state to another.



The common Train Carriage that still seen today.


This is one of the Trains running in Sydney. It’s two levels compartment still unable to accommodate thousands of passenger during peak hours. Trains like this are air conditioned.





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