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Chooka Parker Finals Showdown Performance Australia’s Got Talent 2011

Chooka Ethan Parker photo

Chooka Parker has become Australia’s household name!

This Melbourne teenager who lives in bush continues to amaze every viewer of his incredible talent of playing the piano with no formal education or formal training to do it. He is being described as a reincarnation of Mozart! He makes his music on the spot.

Chooka the Cowboy Pianist – Australia’s Got Talent 2011


This young man is absolutely incredible. He is a self taught pianist.
A cowboy pianist with an incredible piece of music.
His real name is Ethan Parker. He is now the popular Country Boy Chooka.
Sixteen years old and he just made up a song for his performance.
He has impressed the judges and TV audiences during his Australia’s Got Talent performance.
Watch the video below and be prepared to be amazed.