Two of the Best of X Factor Australia 2011 Were in the Bottom 2

It’s that time again Australia when the next person is revealed to leave the Xfactor Australia 2011 competition. The top 6 acts did the best they could on Monday night but the journey will end to one of the best contestants of the X  Factor.  It’s a shocker! Early favorites and consistent talented performers Reece Mastin and Christina Parie were the bottom two.

Australia decided to keep Johnny Ruffo, Andrew Wishart Declan Sykes, and Three Wishez.

But the show must go on.  Reece Mastin sang a Bon Jovi classic Always while Christina delivered an adorable performance. The decision hanged to the judges. Guy Sebastian obviously kept Reece Mastin and Mel B voted for Christina Parie to stay. Ronan Keating and Natalie Bassingthwaighte had to break the tie and both voted for Reece Mastin.

Watch The Top 6 Contestants with DJ Havana Brown – X Factor Australia 2011 Live Decider 7

Top 6 with DJ Havana Brown  X Factor Australia 2011

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