Drivers Beware: Red Light and Speed Camera Numbers to Double in Sydney

Speed Cameras On the Rise in Sydney, NSW

Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras are set to double in numbers here in Sydney. A news clip by TenNews posted on their Youtube Channel reported that the O’Farrell Government decided to increase the numbers of Speed and Red Light Camera all through out Sydney. If part of your day is driving daily to work, school, or errands, you can take this as a positive move by the government or the other way around. What is very obvious is that the O’Farrell government have collected millions of dollars with these speed cameras!

It was announced that within the next two years, the number of intersections with red-light speed cameras will increase from 91 to 200 and in addition, the number of mobile speed camera cars across the state will rise from 6 to 45. That’s a massive addition. It was projected that the NSW government’s controversial speed cameras will raise revenues to about $42 million this financial year.

Beat the red light and you get the fine!  Be sure to watch out and read the sign posts warnings where these speed cameras are operating.

What Do you think? Is it safer to drive in NSW with more speed cameras around or not?


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