Three Beautiful People – Cameron Henderson (Video & Lyrics) Australia’s Got Talent 2010 Grand Finals

 Cameron Henderson poured out his fatherly love in his original song “Three Beautiful People.” The lyrics simply reveals the inspiration he has over the years to write brilliant songs such as this. I really admire how he put melodies and life  in every word that really connects to the every listener’s soul.
 Cameron’s performance in the Grand Finals of Australia’s Got Talent 2010 last Tuesday was another awesome moment.  The three judges The Three Judges, Brian McFadden , Kyle Sandilands, and Dannii Minogue were all on their feet, a standing ovation! The house is on their feet!
When interviewed by the host, Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer, Cameron replied “well, I really didn’t think of that song choice did I? Singing that tongiht is a little difficult. I’m just blown away by the support. I just sing those song that I’ve written over the years. And you know, to have people to have people saying they really appreciate them is really awesome!”

Three Beautiful People  Cameron Henderson Australias Got Talent

Three Beautiful People  Cameron Henderson Australias Got Talent
Three Beautiful People
Lyrics & Music by Cameron Henderson

Three beautiful people
None more than four-foot tall
They’re sitting down at my breakfast table
Where they make me feel ten-feet tall

I was just like their mother
Stubbborn like guess who
Its’ hard to say what I’m feeling right now
I’m so proud but I’m humbled too

These three beautiful people
My greatest world by far
All the time I was  searching
I’ll never have to look too far
Coz here they are
Three beautiful people
Who sat down that mornin’ with me
But here they are
They’re much older now
But they still mean the world to me
My three children mean the world to me.


DISCLAIMER: I’ve transcribed the above lyrics from the above Youtube video uploaded by user nana443. Please use the comment below if there are any errors on the lyrics.I do not claim any copyright on this one. Copyright belongs to Cameron Henderson. This is intended for personal use and educational purposes only.

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