Australia's Got Talent 2011 – Ky Baldwin Tap Dance

Australia Got Talent 2001 Ky Baldwin
Ky Balwin

10 year old, Tap Dancer

Australia’s Got Talent 2011

Ky Balwin, performing just him and his feet!
He has wowed the audience in his auditions.
Judge Kyle hated tap dancing, a baby, but was impressed by this young man and put him through the semi-finals.

Ky Balwin loves tap dancing – along the street, in park, in the kitchen, in his bed, even sitting down in class!
He is full of confidence. And performing on the Australian Got Talent 2011 show being watched by over two million Australian, he just can’t stop every viewer in amazement. Backed by two other tap dancers, Ky Balwin, is really talented at his very young age. He is only ten years of age. Will he win your vote Australia? Watch his performance.

Ky Balwin
Australia’s Got Talent 2011
Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Ky Baldwin
Ky Baldwin Australia’s Got Talent 2011
Ky Baldwin tap dancer
Tap dancer Australia’s Got Talent 2011
Tap Dancer kid
Tap Dancer Ky Baldwin



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