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Congratulations NSW Blues!!!

Congratulations NSW Blues!!! Finally The NSW Blues made history today June 18, 2014 ending an eight years drought with a 6-4 victory over Queensland Maroons in Game 2 of the 2014 State of Origin series at ANZ Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney NSW! They finally bring home the crown after 8 years!  A huge celebration for […]

End of the Road for the Sydney Monorail?

Making news today here in Sydney is about the Sydney Monorail which will discontinue its operation after the New South Wales State Government bought it for $19.8 million. The State Government said that the Sydney Monorail will be torn down to fit a new convention centre at Darling Harbour and to give way for a better transport system. It was revealed that Sydney Monorail as one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world. Whew!

How to Survive the Costs of Living in Sydney

A news report said that Sydney is the 9th most expensive city in the world! It’s Australia’s most expensive city to live. The report “The cost of a loaf of bread in Sydney has almost doubled in the past decade in US dollar terms, while petrol prices have risen threefold and rice prices have almost quadrupled.” Read more here.

Is this the cost of living in a beautiful city?

Ten News posted this clip on their Youtube channel sharing practical tips on how to save and survive the costs of living in Sydney.

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