Jeremy Yong 8 Year Old Guitarist Rocker Australia’s Got Talent 2012

Jeremy Yong  is one of the most talented artists in this year’s Australia’s Got Talent 2012. He is only 8 years old. It so amazing that he can play the lead guitar of his favorite Rock Genre songs. When asked by Brian McFadden of what he wanted to be, Jeremy Yong smartly answered that he wanted to be a rockstar!

Well, he is a rockstar at his very young age. He is following the footstep of his dad who loves rocks music. On his Semi-Finals performance, he is playing Bon Jovi’s Livin’on A Prayer. Watch Jeremy Yong’s, now popularly known as  “the Littlest Guitar Hero”, live performance.  I hope he will make it to the Australias Got Talent 2012 Grand Finals that will be held in the next coming weeks. Don’t forget to vote for this young boy if you want to see him perform again.



Credits: Video uploaded by at Youtube. Copyright © 2012 Seven Network Australia. Australia’s Got Talent® FremantleMedia Australia Pty Ltd

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