Watch ‘The Code’ Trailer ABC’s Australian TV Political Thriller

The Code premiered last night on ABC1 TV. This is a brand new Australian drama television series created and produced by Shelley Birse. A very compelling new six-hour drama filmed in Canberra featuring the iconic Australian Parliament House. Starring Ashley Zukerman, Adele Perovic, Adam Garcia, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Paul Tassone, Dan Wyllie, Lucy Lawless, Dan Spielman, Aden Young, and David Wenham.

Watch The Code ABC Trailer

The Code ABC Australia
Stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia’s outback to the cool corridors of power in Canberra, THE CODE tells the story of two very different brothers who unearth information that those at the highest levels of political power will kill to keep secret…
Credits: ABC TV Australia

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